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The million dollar question

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission at Blue Bear Collective is to provide you with the tools to take your business (or organization) to the next level.

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Let’s talk about your website

A website is no longer optional in today’s world, and its importance should not be overlooked.

Did you know that 76% of people look at a company’s website before taking action?*

And it doesn’t take much time for them to make up their minds either. It only takes 2.6 seconds for people to make the first conscious impression of a website.*

Now is the time to get the most out of your website. We can help!

Since Blue Bear Collective built us our new website, we've seen a tremendous increase in the number of online appointments booked!

Make a lasting impression

People do their research and rely heavily on peer reviews. In fact, 93% of people have made buying decisions based on an online review.*

Are you properly represented across the web? Aside from your website, people go to places like social media and Google to find you. And without the appropriate accounts, the floodgates are open for your competition to swoop in. You are likely losing business due to a subpar online presence and not even realizing it…

We get it, it can be difficult creating and maintaining the optimal online presence. It’s stressful and time-consuming.

Fear not, we can do it all for you!

Always keep your tank full

Truth-bomb time… without a continual effort to grow and maintain your brand awareness in the marketplace, you will fail. You cannot rely on just having a great product or service. Referral volume will ebb and flow, existing customers will move away or die, and new competitors will creep in.

No matter how long you’ve existed or how good you think you are, you have to constantly be filling up your tank with new prospects in order to survive.

There are countless techniques to getting in front of more potential customers. Which techniques work best varies depending on the business.

Schedule a call with us today, and we’ll help you navigate all your available options!

Work smarter, not harder

You are probably wasting time somewhere. Implementing thoughtful automations into your business can help in a big way. In fact, companies using business automation grow revenue 220% faster.*

With our unique approach to developing and implementing automations, we can help you save money and free up your valuable time.

Automation not only save you money, they also help with employee satisfaction. According to Salesforce, 89% of full-time workers are more satisfied with their job due to automation.*

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